Making The Right Choice For Your Bathroom Supplier

Most businesses require toilet cubicles for their employees, and their customers or clients, but how do you know if your commercial washrooms are up to scratch? Well, the first step is making sure you get your bathrooms installed by a reputable and reliable company! Luckily for businesses seeking a new bathroom in the North East, there is a company that can provide a wide range of options and styles to suit your needs. North East Toilet Cubicles are one of the region’s biggest names when it comes to toilet cubicle supplier companies and there are many reasons why.
What can they offer?
NE Toilet Cubicles offer a range of different options to suit your business, whether you’re looking for commercial washrooms, school bathrooms or even shower rooms. If you just need a smart, professional, functional bathroom, NE Toilet Cubicles can supply one with no issues. There are three styles of standard washrooms that they supply: the Apollo range, the Olympic range and the Warrior range. These cubicles are all available in a variety of colours so whatever look you’re going for, North East Toilet Cubicles can help you to achieve it. Whilst these washrooms are much more robust, if you’re looking for a more decorative, executive washroom, you could consider the Warrior Plus, Fusion, Ambassador or Summit ranges that NE Toilet Cubicles also supply. These cubicles are often popular with customer-facing businesses, such as restaurants or nightclubs, but they’re perfect to give any office or business an up-market feel.
The Warrior range of cubicles can also be fitted as shower cubicles, offering a more private showering experience for businesses and companies that may need to supply these features. This can be a robust and decorative solution for demanding wet areas, and can be installed in an assortment of colours to best suit your business.
If commercial washrooms aren’t what you’re looking for, they also offer fitting for children’s bathrooms, with a range of exciting and safety-conscious options available. The Inspiration, Cosmic and Budget Junior range all have safety features designed with children in mind, and can be colourful and make for a more pleasant bathroom experience for children. Not only do they supply bathroom stalls designed for children, NE Toilet Cubicles also offer colourful and educational vinyl door and wall wraps to help promote a more child-friendly washroom.
Who have they worked with?
A strong portfolio of previous clients and work can speak volumes when choosing a supplier, and North East Toilet Cubicles have worked for an impressive list of companies in the past, including JCB, BT, Walkers, Royal Mail, Walker’s, Virgin Media, BBC, KP Snacks, Land Rover, Best Western, Volker Rail, Aston Martin, the NHS and Durham Tees Valley Airport. This list alone proves that NE Toilet Cubicles are a toilet cubicle supplier that can be trusted to deliver a highly functional, quality service and end-product.
How can I learn more?
If you want North East Toilet Cubicles to be your toilet cubicle supplier, all the information you need can be found on their website. The website features a quote builder which allows you to easily get an idea of what you might be paying for the bathroom you want. The website also features PDFs outlining the specs, available colours and layouts of each of the different products, which can be downloaded to browse whenever you want. The team are also very friendly and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone.